Prologe Lite WordPress Theme

Prologe Lite WordPress Theme

Prologe Lite Free WordPress Theme By Rough Pixels Built from the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme, They redesigned it with some changes and enhancements to a whole new level by redesigning it for bloggers that want more flexibility, greater control, and refined style. You will discover Prologe Lite got large array of colour options to colourize individual page elements to allow unlimited colour combinations.

Prologe Lite Theme Features

Easy to Use
This themes is built to make them easier without being complicated.

Totally Free
Includes all the features and functionality from start, for free. Just download and install.

Fully Responsive
The themes use the latest standards for the perfect browsing experience on all mobile devices.

Regular updates
This themes is periodically updated with the latest improvements, additions, and fixes.

Gutenberg Ready
All themes are now made with block editor support, as well for the Classic Editor.

Classic Editor Compatible
If you are not a fan of Gutenberg, this theme works with the Classic Editor too.

Built-in Customizer
Taking full advantage of the built-in WordPress customizer to customize your theme

Colour Options
Personalize your website with unlimited colour possibilities using built-in options.

Social Links
Easy link to your favorite social networks and profiles in multiple theme locations.

No Bloated Code
You won’t find this themes bloated with unnecessary code and stuff you don’t need.

WordPress Standards
When creating this themes we use the core WordPress development standards.

Basic support
Unlike others, support of this themes with documentation, tutorials, and basic support.

Free Vs Premium

Free Premium
Gutenberg ReadyRough Pixels is focused on creating every theme with full Gutenberg support. Yes Yes
Styled Gutenberg BlocksBeing compatible with the Gutenberg editor is not enough, so we added styling for the default blocks. Yes Yes
Classic Editor SupportWe made sure that our themes are fully compatible with the older Classic editor as well. However, please note that some layouts are only available with the Block Editor! Yes Yes
Mobile ResponsiveBuilt with responsive concepts using an extremely flexible CSS Grid methods that makes it better. Yes Yes
CustomizationWe made it much easier and better to customize your theme with the WordPress built-in customizer and live previews. Yes Yes
Menu LocationsAfter creating your menus, you can select the menu location that is predefined in your theme. 5 5
Sidebar PositionsSidebars adds more content capabilities to your website, but we have several, and many that have automatic width adjustments. 6 10
Blog Styled LayoutsHaving just 1 blog layout option is not very creative, so this theme offers several blog styled layouts. 3 6
Full Post LayoutsIn addition to blog layouts, we also included the option to choose your full post layout as well. 3 3
Call to Action HeaderWe built-in a call-to-action header section to bring attention and action from user interaction. Yes Yes
Custom TemplatesFrom full width, to left or right sidebar layouts, you can expand on your page layouts. Yes Yes
Use ExcerptsYou have the option to use excerpts for your blog summaries, either a generated version or your own. Yes Yes
RTL – Right to Left Support We kept the RTL support for languages that go left to right. Yes Yes
Unlimited Colour OptionsInstead of the Twenty Twenty colour presets, we replaced them with individual colour selectors for greater colour flexibility! Yes Yes
Automatic Featured Image CroppingYou get the option to enable featured image cropping for most of the blog layouts that are predefined for consistent image size.   Yes
Disable Gutenberg StylesIn the event you don’t use Gutenberg, you can disable the Gutenberg styles from loading.   Yes
Customize the Read More LinkIf you want Continue Reading to say something else, you can change this.   Yes
Customize the Related Posts LabelWhen enabled, your full post displays related posts. You can customize the section heading.   Yes
Create a Blog IntroductionBy default, WordPress does not show a blog title or introduction, but it does for archives. We added this feature for you.   Yes
Customize Archive TitlesSimply put, we make the default WordPress archive titles look better.   Yes
Related Posts w/ThumbnailsPromote other articles that relate to the post someone reads by showcasing related posts.   Yes
About Me WidgetAdd custom styled widget so you can add your photo and a quick introduction about yourself.   Yes
Recent Posts Widget with ThumbnailsWe added a newer recent posts widget that gives you thumbnails and other options.   Yes
Recent Comments Widget with AvatarThe WordPress comments widget is boring, so we created a new widget with the commenters avatar included.   Yes
Priority SupportTo ensure fast support, members for our paid premium themes go to the front of the line for support.   Yes