Hello Elementor Fastest Free WordPress Theme

Hello Elementor Fastest Free WordPress Theme

Hello Elementor By Elementor is free & the fastest WordPress Theme ever created. Hello Elemento is a plain-vanilla & lightweight theme for Elementor page builder.

Why Choose Hello Elementor WordPress Theme?

Perfect for Elementor (100% ELEMENTOR THEME)

Hello theme works out of the box and offers consistent compatibility with Elementor.

A Better Way to Build Landing Pages (STRONG STABILITY)

If you are building landing pages, you should know that every millisecond has an effect. Hello theme will load your landing pages faster, helping to improve conversions.

Full Compatibility With Popular WordPress Plugins (PLUGINS)

A true starter theme, Hello supports all popular WordPress plugins. Lighter than most themes, with almost no styling and scripts, Hello will not conflict with other plugins so you can focus on what’s important.

The Ultimate Theme (SPEED)

Hello out-performs all other themes, making it the perfect choice for designers and developers looking to improve their workflow.

The Fastest & Most SEO Friendly Theme​ (PERFORMANCE)

The strength of Hello is its simpleness and the fact that it contains ONLY non-intrusive essential code, making it fast and SEO optimized.

Features of Hello Elementor WordPress Theme

Fast & Lightweight
The theme is lighter than most themes because it comes almost empty of styling and scripts making it a perfect starter theme.

Responsive Design
Hello is a responsive theme, and lets you fit your pages to any device.

WooCommerce Builder
Hello is the best choice when building your store with Elementor WooCommerce Builder.

RTL Supported
Use it with any translation plugin, and easily create multilingual and RTL sites.

Developer Friendly Code
Need some customization to your Hello theme? Be sure to go through the hooks available in the theme.

Free and Open Source
Build your site with the power of Elementor. We make sure it is always compatible with the theme.

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme Review

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Hello Elementor Theme Reviews

Hello Elementor Theme Reviews

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Elementor WordPress Theme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What’s the difference between Elementor Pro vs free?
Elementor’s Free version offers limitless design possibilities. Elementor Pro, however, empowers you with more professional tools that speed up your workflow, and allows you to get more conversions and sales. See full comparison here.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can use Stripe, PayPal or any credit card to pay for Elementor Pro.

Can I use Elementor Pro to create websites for clients?
Sure can! We’ve deliberately built Elementor Pro to help you get more clients, by completing projects faster with better results. The best value for money is our Expert plan, letting you create 1000 sites.

What happens if I don’t renew my license after one year? Will Elementor Pro still work?
Your existing project will remain intact. The only difference is support, updates and access to premium templates which require renewal. In addition, Elementor Pro widgets are not draggable if the license is not activated in versions 2.9 and above. Learn more about this here.

Can I upgrade a license after I have already purchased one?
Sure, you can upgrade at any time. You will only need to cover the price difference between your existing plan and the plan you are upgrading to, for the remaining period until your next license renewal.

What happens to pages created in the free version after I upgrade?
Elementor Pro is an extension of Elementor. After you upgrade to Pro, you continue just where you left off, without any interruptions. In fact, you’ll be able to leverage those pages using the Pro features.

What can I expect in terms of new Pro feature and template releases?
Since our launch, we have been known for our frequent feature release, and plan to keep working hard to deliver new and promising features & templates almost every week.

Can I transfer the Elementor Pro license key from one domain to another?
Of course! Just deactivate the plugin from the previous domain and activate it on the new one. You can manage it in your account via View Websites > Manage License.

Do you offer a Demo version?
We don’t offer a demo version of Elementor Pro for trial.
However, we have a refund policy which lets you cancel your purchase and get a refund during the first 30 days.
So you can try it for a month and then decide if you want to keep it or not.