Docent Tutor LMS WordPress Theme

Docent Tutor LMS WordPress Theme

Docent is a free WordPress LMS theme powered by Tutor LMS, for individual educators, and it is made to be the complete package for that purpose. Create instructor profiles, offer insightful courses, and intuitive quizzes, all in style with Docent’s elegant design. Having a complete focus on its niche, it is designed to offer the best experience for both the learners and the instructors. Docent comes with Tutor LMS inside.

Tutor LMS is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin perfectly suited for an individual educator. With the features like frontend drag-and-drop course builder, advanced quiz creator, dashboard analytics, and intuitive UI & UX design, it’s super easy to start an eLearning site. Docent has full support for the Gutenberg editor and is built using Qubely blocks. This makes the theme completely customizable and flexible. Moreover, it also scales perfectly with Qubely’s complete control over responsiveness. Qubely offers 61 free sections along with 26+ advanced blocks to cover all your Gutenberg page building needs. Plus, all other Gutenberg block plugins are also supported.

Unique single instructor

WordPress LMS theme powered by Tutor LMS

Want to build an eLearning website for solo instructors? Get Docent and start creating online learning websites utilizing the power of Tutor LMS. Have instructor profile, course builder, quiz creator, and many more in a single theme.

Powerful Theme Features

Built With Gutenberg

Docent is a beautifully designed Gutenberg based WordPress LMS theme to create eLearning websites using the WordPress editor. Utilize the default & custom Gutenberg blocks and get your online course site ready in a short time.

  • Based on Gutenberg
  • Block specific design
  • Docent Pro Course Grid
  • Docent Pro Post Grid

3 Home Variations

Docent brings 3 different home variations to meet the needs of people in versatile niches. You can choose your home layout according to the type of eLearning website you are making.

  • Teacher: Fits into the category of instructor or any individual running or wants to run online courses.
  • Professional: Best suited for developers, designers, or any professional opt for a passive income besides their jobs.
  • Classic: Anyone or any single entity wishing to run different online courses from a single website
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Complete Solo Instructor LMS Theme

Imagine what people actually seek in a WordPress LMS theme then look at Docent. You will find all of the essential features and functionalities inside this WordPress eLearning theme. It’s literally the complete package of a solo instructor LMS website.

  • Create and sell courses independently with Docent and Tutor LMS
  • Have all eLearning features onboard in a single WordPress theme
  • Focus more on the instructor to build and grow credibility
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Exclusively Crafted With Tutor LMS

Docent utilizes the power of Tutor LMS and offers advanced eLearning functionalities for both instructors & learners. From creating courses to selling them on the site, you can do everything with Tutor LMS and Docent.
Smart Course Builder: Add courses with videos, attachments, benefits of the course, requirements, topics, summary, announcement, and more

  • Interactive Learning Interface: Inspire students by offering a pleasing learning interface for them. Make learning fun and participatory with Q&A
  • Advanced Quiz Maker: Set up quizzes with questions using the advanced Quiz maker inside Tutor LMS plugin

Rich Course Detail Page

Describe courses individually on their detail pages. Display course trailers, requirements, topics, instructor's profile, reviews, ratings,and lock/unlock lessons. Strike learners with the best offerings of the courses.

  • Course intro video
  • Course topics
  • Lock/unlock lessons
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Membership and Subscription Ready

Offering subscription and membership has been made easy with Docent. With Paid Memberships Pro plugin and WooCommerce Subscriptions extensions, you can offer sitewide or customized membership/subscription of the courses.

  • Subscriptions: Offer subscription-based pricing for specific courses with WooCommerce’s subscription extension for recurring payments.
  • Membership: The membership system in Docent is handled by the Paid Memberships Pro plugin. You can offer full site membership or category-wise membership with it.
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Stunning Instructor Profile

The instructor is what Docent is all about. This is why this WordPress LMS theme offers a dedicated page to present the instructor with social profiles, descriptions, certificates, career summary, awards, and more.

  • Enrich instructor profile with detailed description
  • Add career info, certificates, and awards to build trust
  • Have a system to send a direct message to the instructor
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Niche Specific Design

Docent is a unique and industry specific LMS WordPress theme. It is solely for the solo-instructor eLearning websites. Having a complete focus on its niche, it is designed to offer the best experience for both the learners and the instructors.

  • Crafted with UX in Mind: We’ve included what instructors need to run a successful elearning site. Docent is user friendly as it is crafted having usability in mind.
  • For Instructors of all Categories: Docent is built for teachers, instructors, beauticians, guitarists, chefs, and anyone with any skill set.
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Resourceful eLearning Blog

With Docent, you not only just create an eLearning site but also take it to the next level by driving visitors to the site. There’s an engaging eLearning blog in Docent. Instructors can publish course reviews, useful tutorials, and recommendations to have more people on board.

  • Increase website traffic by publishing tutorials, guides, and resources
  • Inspire visitors to take courses from the eLearning website
  • Publish blog posts, news, announcements, notices for the learners
Docent free WordPress LMS theme

Full-fledged Gutenberg (Block Toolkit for FREE)

Qubely offers a rich collection of highly customizable dedicated Gutenberg blocks. Create any layout with its adjustable row-column structure and design web pages of your imagination.

  • Smart Layout Builder
  • Advanced Responsive Controls
  • 20+ Custom Gutenberg Blocks
  • Cutting Edge Web Technology

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