KaTeX – WordPress Plugin

KaTeX - WordPress Plugin

KaTeX - WordPress Plugin by Thomas Churchman is a free to download WordPress Plugin.

The KaTeX WordPress plugin enables you to use the fastest TeX math typesetting engine on your WordPress website.

You can include TeX inside a  [katex]...[/katex] shortcode or in a Gutenberg block. Either way the math will render beautifully on your website. When using Gutenberg blocks, the equations will render immediately inside your editor!

Equations in blocks or using the [katex display=true]...[/katex] shortcode will render on page in display mode–with bigger symbols–centered on their own line.

For compatability with other LaTeX plugins, this plugin optionally supports [latex]...[/latex] shortcodes.

KaTeX - WordPress Plugin Installation

  1. Upload the katex folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or automatically download and install the plugin through WordPress’s plugin manager;
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress; and
  3. Use the [latex] shortcode or KaTeX Gutenberg blocks in your posts and pages.

The KaTeX WordPress plugin


The KaTeX WordPress plugin